Sears Air Conditioner Window Unit

Sears Air Conditioner Window Unit

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Kenmore 77120 12,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Kenmore 77120 Screen Ac – Have The Convenience
Endure these warm summer times 10000 BTU Window Air Conditioner, using the 77120 12. Ideal for areas up this AC, to 550 sq. ft. features digital settings, 8- 3 chilling rates method oxygen path and 3 fan speeds to make any room comfortable. Plus, energy and rest saver settings allow constantly to effectively operate your device.

Kenmore 77120 12,000 BTU The Best Sears Air Conditioner Window Unit
This Kenmore AC is full of functions 8, just like a distant, digital settings – 3 chilling rates method oxygen path handle and fan speeds to create any room feel just like house.

Plug in and Save
Your house cools just like a Kenmore AC which Power Star® licensed design having a CEER score of 12.0 design isn’t any unique. With functions like energy and rest saver settings, you will be ready to savor the convenience without spending money on it inside your power bill of dwelling.

Product Specifications

Dimensions and Capacity:
•Weight (lbs.):70
•Cabinet Depth (in.):21.5
•Cabinet Height (in.):14.5
•Cabinet Width (in.):19
•Minimum Window Dimensions:15.5″ x 23″
•Maximum Window Dimensions:15.5″ x 36″

Air Conditioner Features:

Before you begin, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the control panel and remote as shown below and all its functions, then
touch the symbol pads for the functions you desire.
The unit can be controlled by the panel touch pads or with the remote control.

remote control of Sears Air Conditioner Window Unit

Note: The following instructions describe the Control Panel Touch Pads.

To turn unit on or off press the ON/OFF button:
The unit is programmed to start in the energy saver mode, with auto fan speed and a temperature setting of 72 °F. These settings are required by ENERGY STAR for maximum energy efficiency. We recommend just using the temperature buttons for controlling room comfort.

To change the Temperature Setting use the UP and Down arrows as required:
Remote Control: Use TEMP·TIMER arrows to change temperature setting.

To use Cool, press the MODE button to select:
In this mode, the fan remains on all the time with the compressor cycling on and off when room temperature is reached. Remote Control: Press Cool button to activate Cool function.

To adjust Fan Speeds press the Fan Speed button and select:
Remote Control: Use FAN SPEED arrows to adjust fan speed.

To use the Auto Fan Feature press the Fan Speed button and select AUTO:
Fan speed starts at high and adjusts to a slower speed as the room temperature dictates. For example, if the room doesn’t get too warm it will stay at the slowest speed. If the room temperature rises quickly, such as when a door is opened, it will automatically go to the highest speed. The fan speed will re-adjust back to the slowest speed as the room returns to the riginal set temperature. Remote Control: Press Auto Fan button to activate Auto Fan feature.

To operate on Fan Only, press the MODE button to select:
Use Fan Only function to circulate room air without air conditioner cooling. You can use any fan speed you prefer and the actual room temperature will be displayed in the DISPLAY. Remote Control: Press Fan Only button. Use Fan Speed arrows to adjust fan speed.

To use Energy Saver press the MODE button to select:
You will save energy usage in this mode. The compressor and motor will turn off once the room is at the desired temperature. The air will be sampled for 20 seconds every 10 minutes until the room is above the set temperature, at which point the compressor turns back on and the fan runs. The entire process is now repeated. Remote Control: Press Energy Saver button to activate energy Saver mode.

To use the Sleep feature press the SLEEP button and the LED will illuminate:
The set temperature will increase 2 °F 30 minutes after this mode is selected. It will increase again after 30 minutes by another 2 °F. It will stay at this set point for 7 hours, and then return to the original setting. Remote Control: Press Sleep button to activate Sleep feature.

To use the Timer function press the TIMER button and the LED will illuminate:
Press the UP and DOWN arrows to select the desired time up to 24 hrs. The control will count down the time remaining in 1 and 0.5 hr increments. If you need to change the set temperature, press MODE then the UP/DOWN arrows. Then after 5 seconds the display will revert to the hours remaining. This mode can be cancelled by pressing the TIMER button. The mode will operate one time, then the above steps have to be repeated. NOTE: Timer button is functional when On/Off button is set to either On or Off. When set to On, the amount selected is the time remaining until the unit shuts Off. When set to Off, the amount is the time until the unit turns On. Remote Control: Press Timer button to use the Timer function. Use TEMP·TIMER arrows to make adjustments.

Check Filter Feature:
After 250 hours of operation, the Filter Reset LED will light. This is a reminder to clean the filter housed behind the front panel to keep the unit operating efficiently. Pressing the FILTER RESET button for 3 seconds will reset this reminder and turn off the LED.


•ENERGY STAR Compliant:Yes
•UL Listed:Yes

Power and Performance:

•Kilowatt Hrs. per Year:750
•Cord Length (ft.):6
•Rated Amps (Receptacle):15
•Energy Efficiency Rating:12.0
•Cooling Amperage:8.7
•Cooling BTU:12000
•Cooling Wattage:1000
•Maximum Air Flow (CFM):285
•Room Coverage in Sq. Ft.:550

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